Really , they are wrapping up vol 10 in the next episode? All those theories and speculations… Makes me wonder what would have happened with Yahari threads if you had been around. This is my filthy bias, but I’m glad Yukino got pretty much the majority of the dialogue scenes. I think it was mentioned somewhere in the first season. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. The meeting with Yukimom lacked the buildup it had in the LN.

June 5, at Yukimom – Final Boss , god dem it. Hikki is pointing out that without pretense of closeness, it might be more genuine than it seems? So they might include some scenes from Vol I’m just gonna leave this here: Email required Address never made public. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

We are on volume 10 by now and some moments in adaptation are missing or changed a bit, which is reflected in your write-up of this episode unlike the rest. Come on FEEL, you have two episodes left. He wants something genuine beyond the theatre. Hachiman said just before Yukino how easy and unfair that is. Why couldn’t they keep them separate? Well, only somewhat, because old Hachiman tried to make sure everyone else remained epiosde friendly as possible.

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More actions or just let them spend more time together doing nothing? Not really worth the re-watch unless you want to see Yukinon’s mom. Now that we are already at chapter 2 of Volume 10, I think doing this volume in 3 episodes should be easy without skipping much or anything at all.

Second, there are no fake selves. And the scene with Yukino and Hachiman in the subway was well handled.

They rushed the Yui shopping really quickly though. With his suggestion, they began to speak out. Also, a few scenes were not as I ni them. Yes, there are volumes of subtext and background here to which Hikki, and us, are not privy to.


The subtle character and personality changes in Yukino are much more apparent now and we are seeing more of Iroha’s true colors as she opens up more to 8man. Volume 11 is unlikely last one, unless Selshun has plans on surprising his readers horribly, which is he, again, unlikely does.

Irohasu joining the 8man is really good too. Hachiman’s conversation with Rumi was much cuter than I expected after reading it. That girl who was in the same junior high as the main guy starts to fond of and talk to him as a friend.

And yet, we keep on going.

I am about to watch the raw so ,ove don’t know yet. Shipping subtext over the last two episodes has been reaching an all new high. Personally, I oove this is what the show has been trying to portray through the MCs. Basically there are 3 memorandums throughout Vol 10 without stating to which character they belong though one can guess from some lines: Deny it, and rebuke her mother? I need to change! About the post-ED bit, who knows.

And that is why I will always keep searching. Even though they quite rushed it, I really think they pulled this episode off nonetheless.

Notify me of new posts via email. And of course, she too clings on to him. Maybe friendship will do. Yukimom – Final Bossgod dem it. A montage for the whole christmas festival proceedings? BBCode Modified by lleweraf, Jun 4, How could I not be moved?

Hachiman is the inflated ego that refused to admit ayhari mistakes and was content with sweeping things under the rug. Liking someone does not necessarily require machigatteiru. to be romantic.

Iroha might not have fallen for Hikki, but seeing an emotional outburst from the most unexpected of places moved her to believe she could do better, similar to how people report being moved to do better by good stories. The point is, though, as things stand, both are reasonable interpretations. I can only see this season ending with the infirmary seen. Beginning of volume 11 which is released the same day the season ends However we just need to sit and wait what studio feel is gonna deliver If your opinion is that I was too harsh at doing that, again, I apologize.


Whole Volume 10 for the next episode???

OreGairu Season 2 Episode 10 – Growing Pains

Memorandum – Is that short? So long things are allowed to change, allowed to grow, then everyone can change. You should read this in line of the last sentence of the preceding paragraph, and not be so literal:.

Or Hachiman who sat outside society looking in, mocking others while not trying to take part, and thinking he understood others and the subtext of their interactions. The teacup scene was brilliantly done along with his monologues which conclude volume 9 ; Although they completely skipped the Komachi and 8man scene and a lot of moments from the shrine visit math for calculating luck!

Even what we think we are like is often a facade as Oge rightly realizes as the show progresses. The real issue is he has to give her something genuine. I’m just gonna leave this here: This site uses cookies.