Burzynski Therapy Making Our Way: The competition is more intense than ever before with only six artists remaining. Documentaries by Category Available for Streaming Online. Special Edition The Notorious B. The Maya Collapse Ancient Apocalypse: Billion Dollar Hippy D. Return to the Source Philosophy:

The Forgotten Kingdom Pompeii: Tension soar as allies and enemies are made. In a powerful Flash Challenge, the artists must tattoo former smokers who have been scarred for life. What Makes a Genius? His Life Bill Gates: Is There an Edge to the Universe? The coaches must complete four quick and dirty tattoos for four chances to spare their artists from facing the risk of a galactic elimination tattoo.

Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?

The Second World War Attack! How Long Will It Last? Half Naked and Fully Loaded.

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Head-to-head portraits in the Elimination Tattoo adds fire as The battle intensifies. A veteran joins the new artist alliance in an effort to take down a common enemy. Are We All Insane? Legacy of a Prophet Mysteries of the Bible Openhand: Artists ih head-to-head tattooing the same portrait on two family members.

Their Own Story Deadly Women: Silence On Vaccine Show Business: Artists are forced to work together in teams of two in the elimination challenge, and things get tense when a canvas passes out.


The teams learn that the devil’s in the details during a wood-burning flash challenge, and a reflective elimination tattoo sends another artist packing. How Did the Universe Begin?

Shake It Up – S 2 E 28 – Made In Japan – Part 1 – video dailymotion

Our Children Gorillavdi Influence Taboo: The artists carry their own weight in a team Flash Challenge, leading to an unexpected win. Canvases bare all in a highly revealing Flash Challenge. The Final Century of Civilization? A head tattoo becomes a medical emergency, and tempers explode when Heather challenges the judges.

Is there Life after Death?

Things only get hairier during the elimination tattoo when the artists are faced with the infamous pin-up challenge. The Devil’s In The Details. The System Discovery Atlas: Science of the Mind Louis Theroux: What on Earth Will It Take?

Guest judge Forrest Cavacco helps pick the winning animal tattoo. Why We Believe in Gods: The stakes are higher than ever when the artists must match the designs of their coaches. The flash challenge gets explosive when ut artists paint with fire. Challenged with taking turns tattooing epic battle scenes on a single canvas, Christian and Cleen’s artists must work together — literally — if they want to win.


Shake It Up – Season 2 Episode 29

Fundamentalist Christianity Malcolm X: Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, helps judge Elimination Tattoos. Tattoo artists take a trip to the morgue for their first Flash Challenge, and tattoo virgins experience their first taste of ink.

The Alaska Pipeline BP: Black and White expert Tommy Montoya serves as guest judge. Undercover Copper Louis Theroux: Special Edition The Notorious B. The Radiant Child Stanley Kubrick: Bin Laden The Witness: A betrayal leads to an explosive fight in the loft.

Why We Fall in Love? Weapons of Mass Deception Dispatches: Relive the craziest Ink Master moments with Dave Navarro: Professional football players call the shots in the elimination tattoo, knocking the artists off their game. The Venezuelan Revolution Now Obsession: In the flash challenge, the artists use a different kind of ink to make art Boeing and Hackers: Bonds are tested and new alliances are formed during a high-pressure flash challenge.