Uzi watch My favorite watch for everyday wear. So far the answer is an overwhelming yes. That isn’t vey likely to happen though. I asked them to put it in writing the reason for refusal. I will be returning the watch and asking for either a refund or exchange. Thanks for the detailed info.

I wanted a tritium watch, but didn’t want to spend bucks for one. The numbers on the bezel are yellowed looking, the watch face is not a smooth look. I have replaced crystals in watches as well, and in order to do that yourself, you need to remove the stem, but that is tricky. Really liked the look of it and the tubes worked great in the dark. Had my crystal replaced by a mall kiosk after two years of hard use, web site is http: I have bought this watch in UK and I love them – they are absolutely light, I love the screw-in crown and the glow in the dark is just amazing. Thanks for the detailed info. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

I got one off of ebay and it looks nothing like the picture. Thanks for a great review. Thanks for the review!

I Love that beater. It has a damn radioactive symbol right on the face for Pete’s sake. Both of the jewelers that I use in NYC have pressure testing machines for that reason. Second hand fell off.

UZI Tritium Watches

I bought mine about a year ago and have been really happy with it. Nobody seems to be able to repair it so thats the end of the watch. The UZIB Ballistic Chronograph Swiss Tritium Watch has a black dial with a Zulu strap, is a timepiece designed to keep up with your active lifestyle, while maintaining its dependability and strikin Water resistant to m. This page was last updated: So far the uzi is keeping perfect time and is more comfortable.


I own way too many watches, some cheap some a little more expensive, but this has always worked for me. I’ve used silicon gel but I imagine that petroleum would work as well. I too am in Law Enforcement and based on your review and the other officers, I just picked one up! I hope you don’t mind me posting that link. Thanks for that, but again no luck there, no reply from them. Bought the watch mainly so I could tell the time when working in the dark.

Hobbies include collecting watches, cycling and studying local history.

I purchased the protector with a nylon band and love it. I have thin wrists, so the rubber might have been a bad choice. Rubber diver straps don’t have much play in them at the ends which might make seeing the springbars tricky. I also heard a comment that the crystal face cracked and that it was thin. Randy Nilsen usually has a good selection http: VERY nice watch as far as looks and build I needed one specifically for paintballing and finally I’ve found one.

Ed’s Corner: Uzi Protector Tritium Watch Review

Actually if you break one you have a real problem, Hazmat time. Hope this helps, warrenty is only good for one year though. Hi, bought my UZI Protector off ebay and had nothing but problems with the supplier. Wrote to them, hopefully they have one that actually glows to replace this one with. I Trtium to see your Post is very interesant.

I waited a month to get a reply. I am fisher surfcasting. Just bought the UZI Titanium. Could you fill me in?


The garantee time is over and the manufacturer not to find, only the reseller, CampCo, who is not responsible. Hi Ed, Have you seen the new Uzi Ballistic watches? I have them for two weeks now and I have not found one single flaw with them and I can be very critical about my watch. As far as replacing the battery, I used to work for a watchmaker, and we HAD watcn tell them that the water resistance would be void once opened, but in my experience just placing a thin coating of petroleum jelly around the gasket and screwing it back down always sealed it.

I would guess my ebayer is selling old stock without warranties and Campco maybe doesn’t want to get drawn into it. Not good at all.

Show More Show Less. That isn’t vey likely to happen though. I have Uzi protector the next monday. Really liked the look of it and the tubes worked great in the dark. I have been using Luminox for the last 6 years They are selling them again and I bought the led watch.

Skip to main content. Don’t buy this watch. Obliged for any suggestions The problem with getting your watch batteries replaced at the mall is that you won’t get a factory replacement gasket after the case is opened. Thanks for a great albeit old review!