All questions for this game on GameCube. Add your answer 3 Answers. Shapes will pop up from the ground, but you’ll know when you’ve found the right one. There’s no do-over if you lose though; you’re so upset that it’s a K. Remember that huge caterpillar you injured in the last episode? The coins tend to swim away from you and you don’t want to chase them into the reef where you can’t get them. Hi I am stuck on Gelato beach episode 1 dune bu.. Run to the green platform, hopping over the gaps when needed, and take a breather.

This page was last edited on 7 November , at Please do not be rude to others. Shapes will pop up from the ground, but you’ll know when you’ve found the right one. There are actually three melons you can enter. Popular Games The Legend of Zelda: If this happens then try a different Sand Bud. This episode’s objective is to go through a secret course revealed by spraying a Dune Bud. When you have the next to last coin, the last one is on the opposite horn, but it’s just out of hovering range.

Find a walkthrough Ask a question Start a discussion. Floating high above a hut next to the Shine Tower. Bioware details a day roadmap. Ask a question here Help a gamer Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions. The Sand Bird wwlkthrough Born. The idea now is to get into that hole and you can see a trail of coins leading down behind the tower to a smaller tower.

You really should talk to the people on the beach. This beach has Dune Buds, small plants that swell up when you water them. Behind that island is another island with tall palm trees and a swing attached to one of them, which will dunshine the player reach a Blue Coin. An easier way is to talk to a Pianta sitting near the base of the tower. Best Legendary Pokemon Currently. Large mirrors have been installed around the tower that reflect sunlight at the egg to keep it warm until it hatches.


Gelato Beach

The safest route seems to be along the side of the cliff. Il Piantissimo’s Sand Sprint. Strange thing to happen to the sand around them when you do this, so don’t be surprised if you’re thrown into the air by the sudden appearance of a large pyramid. Soon the bird starts to flap its wings a beah more which means it’s about to do a banked turn.

There are actually three melons you can enter. He’s a Chuckster and will just throw you where you need to go. You can use sunshinne to get the coins that are floating high above the Surf Cabana, but it takes a while just to get to the rope you need to jump from and the maneuver itself is difficult to pull off. To reply please close this box and use the ‘Add a comment’ box below. The idea is to hang from a rope, use the Hover nozzle to start swinging until you start to circle, then use the extra momentum to jump a long distance.

Obtained by spraying the corresponding triangle Graffiti on walls on opposite sides of the beach. Gelato Beach is a beach resort location on Sunzhine Delfino in Super Mario Sunshine and is located on the stomach part of the dolphin shaped island, east of Sirena Beach. Gelato Beach and Pinna Park are the only levels that are not covered in Graffiti. Gelato-the-Waves; possibly a pun on the actual French city Palavas-les-Flots.

In this episode most of them are blue and these won’t hurt you, though they will throw you into the air. Look at the tower to see the hole it broke through to get out. Wiggler Remember that huge caterpillar you injured in the last episode? Push it down the hill the way you came, then you must get it past the cataquacks near the tower; they will break it if you let them.

Get up to its neck and move around to the side as the bird banks at a right angle.


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A wonderful life Paper Mario: A sandcastle should appear with an arrow above it. Hovering sunsyine help too much with this but it will keep you from falling if the sand gives way beneath you. Spray the Dune Bud to create some sand steps up to the level above.

From the start point, run straight ahead and slightly to the right and you’ll see a man in gelto pink Pianta costume. Spray the blue bird that perches on the tightrope in the cliff area above the beach.

The creature will run into the bud and knock itself out, then spray the bud to throw the cataquack into walktrough air and it will be gone for good. Reggie Fils-Aime announces retire. This episode’s objective is to race against Il Piantissimo.

Hi I am stuck on Gelato beach episode 1 dune bu..

epiwode The Shine appears on the green platform in front of the sand structure. This page has been accessed 62, times. How do you do goopy inferno on piant. Swim out to them and take a look at the colorful wildlife growing in the crevices; this is the coral reef.

Hi I am stuck on Gelato beach episode 1 dune bud sand c.. – Super Mario Sunshine Questions

Hover over to one, drop to turn around on the orange block beneath it, then hover across the front of the structure to get the other one. CataquacksCheep-CheepsPiantasNokis. So you need to get to start of the trail at the top of the hill. Most of the acrobatics needed to get coins in other episodes aren’t needed here.