We should not forget that the European Union was able to replace weapons with ideas and battlefields with conference rooms. If Romanians have always been so proud of the Union achieved on 24 January , it is undoubtedly due to the sense of responsibility or “ownership”, as we would say nowadays that they assumed in its making, and to the great spirit of solidarity that made it possible years ago. What we know is that on the flight into Luton airport on the 1 January, only two Romanians took advantage of the lifting of border restrictions in Britain. Deva is today the name of a Romanian town in Transylvania and this is not by coincidence. In the Ukip Local Manifesto , the party leader mentions that “Today, local communities are under attack Agerpres has had a long journey to this moment. The initiative received enthusiastic support from local authorities in Cheshire West and Chester, and from members of the Parliament.

He confessed to be “a Roma Gypsy from Romania” and before coming to the UK three years ago he had first tried his luck in eight other countries: In the old docks area in Liverpool the beautiful town of The Beatles , alongside impressive memorials dedicated to those who gave their lives for freedom during the Battle of the Atlantic, there is also the Legacy Sculpture commemorating migration from Liverpool to the new world. Solstafir – The Midnight Sun: It was exactly the kind of help we needed. It was the complete liberation of North-West Transylvania from foreign ruling and administration, following the outrageous Vienna Diktat in arbitrated by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. They came to the UK for professional accomplishment or for a better life, because this is very much possible here for highly skilled specialists and people who work hard. This applies not only to diplomacy but to other many areas where our young professionals are expected to contribute. At the Easter Banquet at Mansion House, a few days ago, you might feel teleported back into history after all, the current Lord Mayor has predecessors , but the speech delivered by the Foreign Secretary was one of a great actuality.

By next year it is expected there will be 2.

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It therefore has the strongest case for reviewing access to benefits. By doing so, we pay tribute to all those who have developed the rule of law to protect us against injustice and abuse of power. President Vladimir Putin on Thursday sent a letter to leaders of 18 European countries, warning them Russia could cut gas supplies to Ukraine.

The City of London is the heart of the international commercial diplomacy and the most important financial centre in the world, but also a fusion of ultra-modernism and century-old traditions.

The angiogram was scheduled next morning but it had to be delayed until noon because the blood pressure was too low. This is a fundamental law principle in any modern democratic society, namely that no one should be deprived of their freedom without just cause, and that people are entitled to fair trial by their peers according to the law of the land.

On average, they believe that about one in three people are migrants the real figure is closer to one in seven and overestimate the number of EU migrants claiming unemployment benefits by a factor of six.


In the current international context, Romania is being repositioned on the world chessboard in accordance with its geo-strategic location. But even though my English friends believe that after six years here I have acquired a British sense of humour, I have to admit that it has some limits and therefore I declined all these invitations. Paraphrasing Kipling, I would say that we have 80 million reasons for an ever closer partnership.

They fiercely defended the national aspirations of their people, in the complex geopolitical calculations and diplomatic compromises of the Great Powers.

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He is committed to contributing to build a strong United Kingdom that takes on a leadership role in Europe octmbrie we both agreed that cooperation with Romania brasiv be an important asset to his plan. In my seven years as a Romanian diplomat on the Stanx soil, I have travelled octombie length and breadth of Britain not only because it is within the remit of an ambassador to become acquainted with the country in which he is accredited, to meet the local authorities and the communities of Romanians who live there and bring their contribution to the British economic, social and cultural life, but also because I wanted to understand the spirit, the soul and the traditions of the British, to understand why words like “to behave like a lord” and “fair play” were not invented somewhere else, and why Magna Charta was not written in in a different corner of the world.

Modern Romania was built on their shoulders. The history is often twined with the present and the best example is London, a metropolis which has its own soul and whims, because if you treat it with indifference, London could crush you with its immensity and complexity.

Neither abuse is as likely now that basov can be legally employed. On the other hand, it seems that no one in the EU migrates more than Britons do. And, on 27 January, prime minister David Cameron told BBC Radio 4 that immigration levels from Romania and Bulgaria has been “reasonable” since work restrictions were lifted at the start of the year.

It ul very rare to hear of crime cases involving Romanian citizens”. We arrived in the Palace Square just in time to see the helicopter with Ceausescu aboard taking off from the roof of the Communist Party headquarters.

In the crowd of hundreds of thousands people, like in a Brownian movement, we brazov been part of the tumult for the whole day. Romania has a significant agricultural potential with a large share of traditional methods and organic crops.

It is a time of triumph because on 1st December the modern Romanian State – at that time the Kingdom of Romania – has reached its natural borders, fulfilling the multi-secular dream of bringing together all historical provinces inhabited by Romanians. Apart of maintaining peace and stability among its member states, the UE is a huge economic power, with shared responsibilities at the global level. Then, a lady approached us.

We realize how extraordinary people they are only when we are in a difficult medical condition. The text was discovered in and is dated AD It is difficult to speak now about a new world order.


On 5 Februarythe four surviving original copies of the Magna Carta Libertatum – the document that established for the first time the principle of the Rule of Law – were displayed for one day in the House of Lords, itself an institution symbol of democracy.

The huge meeting convened by Ceausescu in the Palace Square with the hope to get the people’s support for his repressive measures in Timisoara, turned against him. I was shocked to read in the above mentioned article that: In many cases Romanians are victim of crimes, with persons in the first three months of It was something one never does to friends and Romania is a long standing friend of the UK”.

After that, they would only be allowed to claim unemployment and other benefits for a maximum octobmrie six months. One of the most experienced diplomatic services in the world, the British FCO, has its mission statement defined years ago by Lord Palmerston: When this allegation was first presented last year, both the Met and the City of London Police strongly denied the figures and criticised them for being misleading and not substantiated by any statistics or current police intelligence.

In revolutions spread basov a conflagration through Europe.

And last but not least, we brought to Europe the great potential of creativity, enthusiasm, optimism and the Romanian sense of humour. Queen Maria of Romania, who was British by birth and a grand daughter of Queen Victoria, strongly advocated entering the war on the Uup side. Grupul irlandez God Is An Astronaut revine in Romania, parte a turneului european pentru promovarea noului album, Epitaph, concertand in data de 3 octombrie la Kruhnen Musik Halle, in Brasov.

The atmosphere in Romania during those days bradov very tense. His Majesty is now 93 and continues to be a symbol of honour, dignity and love for his country.

31 Hilarious Stand-Up Specials On Netflix (PHOTOS)

But above all, I was warned to use jokes in speeches: A second scanner examination followed, this time with dye contrast material. This is one of the reasons why Romanians admire and respect so much the Ocyombrie Kingdom.

In the autumn of Romania was completely isolated on the international arena. It was before the Christmas time, and for common Romanians like me Christmas was the only occasion to find oranges, so I was happy to buy some for our daughter who was two years old and remained at home with our parents. By signing partnership agreements with the EU, the Republic ocotmbrie Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine aligned on a path of development but the road will not be easy. In the impressive Mausoleum on the Mateias Mountain, in 21 crypts are placed the relics of over soldiers, reminding us of the great battle which took place there in the autumn of