Alas, this is the hardest to get item in the game, due to the combined drop rates. And remember, if an animal will drop its arm, or abdomen, or head, etc. None of the unique episode two enemies change appearance. Mace of Adaman Drop Rate: I don’t care cause I alread have a vjaya but I thought all monsters only had one rare drop does anyone know whats going on here? Another thing is that it can find the Psycho Wand from Mil Lilies. What we say is on the left, what you know is on the right. Infantry Mantle Drop Rate:

Cross Scar Drop Rate: But this game isn’t done yet. An all around, well balanced character. This is a unique ID in that it gets two of the rarest items in the game. Again, a balanced class, good with ranging, and also decent with meleeing due to their highest ATA potential. There are twelve in all, four hunters, four rangers, and four forces. Pal Rappies will drop it. Slicer of Assassin Drop Rate:

Since androids do not get to use techniques, and eppisode not have Resta, this is perfect. Commander Uniform Drop Rate: S-beat’s Arms Drop Rate: I made the Very Hard and Ultimate charts by hand.

Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II – Rare Item Drop FAQ (Hard)

Alliance Uniform Drop Rate: Chain Sawd Drop Rate: Where did all this info come from? This chart shows what enemy drops what rare item on the Ultimate difficulty setting only.


Last Survivor Drop Rate: Of course I credited my sources. This class has the highest EVP. Easter Egg Drop Rate: Yellowboze — Yellowboze, another rrop around ID.

However, it only shoots four needles, and has crop range. These are very reliable charts. This is an incredible weapon, but to some it just might not seem worth it.

Congrats on the claw! However, because of these bonuses, they also get reductions. Why are some of your drop rates a bit different than some of the other numbers on other sites that have popped up after yours? Plantain Leaf Drop Rate: Stink Shield Drop Rate: The IGN charts do indeed state that Skyly gets the Vjaya, and in my experience, those charts have always been accurate for episoed.

Phantasy Star Online Eden | Drop Charts

Once in ultimate mode, you might have a few problems. There is no enemy part that Yellowboze does not get. Another all around class. This is well worth the effort.

This weapon was previously explained. Hildebear’s Head Drop Rate: Also, do not ignore their traps! Inferno Bazooka Drop Rate: Well, if not, read on.

Anc Divine Drop Rate: Once you get into hard mode, your section ID will be taken into account, as not many good items are dropped in normal. Sign up for free!

Bulclaws and Nano Dragons still look the same. I’m still looking for Gobooma’s Arm to complete the Booma collection and almost complete the Forest Claw Collection http: There are twelve in all, four hunters, four rangers, and four forces. Double Saber Episove Rate: She can use her own. Actually, it’s 24 mph.


Blue Barrier Drop Rate: The original Ultimate chart was a compilation of other people’s charts which were all made from people just finding the items so they had errors and thus I had errors too. Yellowboze has that for its drop. A double saber type, possibly the best there is. Fortunately, you could hunt S-Parts Ver2. I’ve never had any trouble with PSO Worlds charts, and they’re in general a bit more organized.

It will also hopefully prove to keep the unnecessary topics to a minimum. Viridia — This ID gets mostly shot type weapons. These are three guns that rangers should always have handy, as the Frozen Shooter has a special attack with the power and accuracy of a hard attack with an added freezing effect, the Yasminkov M is a mechgun with rifle range, and the Spread Needle is a rifle-type that fires five different shots, but only has mechgun range.

Slicer of Assassin Drop Rate: Hard as well, and I wasn’t looking at IGN drop charts.