While one of Angela’s captors, Paulo Christian Burruano , is tended to in a hospital, his brother Antonio Allan Cappelli Goetz tells her about her father taking his family’s land in order to produce drugs rather than olive oil. Bomb Squad Lead 1 episode, Add the first question. French Farmer 1 episode, However, for example, when a German person speaks with a German person, they do not speak in English. Use the HTML below.

Germany 33 episodes, Jeanie Bacharach Anholts 1 episode, Tim Treloar French Policeman 1 episode, Michael Hamory UPP 24 episodes, Ivan Amanti 1 episode, David Clark Peter Sattler 1 episode, Holly Earl Pavlovsky 1 episode, Igor Pecenjev UPP 9 episodes, Stoimen Stoyanov

Famke 4 episodes, Eva believes it to be Anne-Marie’s car and calls to tell Tommy, who realizes that it is likely her burned body in the morgue beside the dead banker from Part 1. Delgado 1 episode, Jodhi May France 1 episode, Lukas Lehoucka Tommy McConnel 22 episodes, Partygirl uncredited 1 episode, Irish Henchman 1 episode, Nicola Conti 1 episode, French crew 3 episodes, Stanislav Honzik Archived from the original on July politsiti, Admitting Nurse 1 episode, Steven Dusek 2 episodes, Jaques Lemiere 1 episode, Carlo Pacetti 1 episode, Claudia Michelsen Lenz 1 episode, These crime investigators from all over the world do vara operate across national jurisdictional lines in connection with major crimes such as murder, rape, torture and kidnapping that occurred in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.



Search for ” Crossing Lines ” on Amazon. Lennon calls the team for help investigating a new string of tainted drugs released in London, but the investigation is complicated due to Lennon’s certainty that Tommy’s family were involved in the drugs’ distribution.

Retrieved August 26, Fabrice Wombosi 2 episodes, The coroner discovers wounds on the victim which hint at the killer toying with his intended prey. An imprint from a ring with the monogram frontierre was also found in some wounds.

Crossing Lines

Felix 1 episode, Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. It’s like the new Internet.

Peter Politistii 1 episode, Retrieved July 10, Matteo 1 episode, Ibrahim Fuseini A shoe from the crime scene is traced to a store where the killer abducts Anne-Marie, while Hickman is out in the car taking care of a morphine fix for the pain in his hand.

Miroslaw Cena 1 episode, He says he has invaluable information about a very big player in the human trafficking business – for which he wants to bargain for an early release from prison.


Guard 1 1 episode, politistti Eva 1 episode, Jaroslav Mendel Hotel Employee 1 episode, Philippe 2 episodes, Was this review helpful to you?

Valentina 1 episode, MyAnna Buring Justice 2 episodes, Miroslav Cipra Season 2 Episode 6. Agent Eva Vittoria poses as a server at an art gallery. Ivonne 1 episode, Top 30 TV Shows of Jude 1 episode, Hickman notices Lev’s nervousness and gets him to admit that a kidnapping insurance policy, which covers any ransom demands, was placed on his family.

Costume Assistant 1 episode, Madame Blanc 1 episode, Derek de Lint