Sarah decides to lure the zombies into the storeroom and burn them with the cylinders. Views Read Edit View history. Views Read Edit View history. However, some of the deaths occur off-screen, and, though we see the aftermath, are just ineffective. Three women are stalked by a killer with a grudge that extends back to the girls’ childhoods. They turn into zombies, transforming while catatonic. My Faraway Bride If anything it’s hard to criticize the effort of the cast and crew here, as it couldn’t have been easy to accomplish and remain somewhat competent on a technical level.

Linda thinks she must have had an incredibly vivid dream. I just caught this movie at the Calgary International Film Festival. The robbery goes awry when Nanette pulls a hidden gun on Bobby, causing a shootout; Bobby dies on the scene, and Nanette falls into a coma, dying a week later in the hospital after her husband Charles Albert Finney agrees to take her off life support. The voice of “Harvey” was broadcast from a trailing car into actor David Alford’s bluetooth headset during the filming. Retrieved from ” https: We’re very curious to see how well this idea is presented on-screen. Start your free trial.

This page was last edited on 14 Januaryat Romero ‘s film of the same namethe third in Romero’s Dead series[3] and it is the first of two remakes of the original film; the other is Day of the Dead: Zombi 2 Zombi 3 Zombi 4: The After TV Movie Charles then attaches Movke heart monitor to himself and suffocates his son to death with a pillow.

They have superhuman strength that allows them to run, jump long distances, and crawl on the ceiling. Hank, meanwhile, has been having a long-standing affair with Andy’s wife, Gina Marisa Tomeiwho has been unsatisfied with her marriage.

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See all stories published in Film Reviews. Unbeknownst to the robbers, the brothers’ mother Nanette Rosemary Harris happens to be filling in for Doris. They evidently couldn’t film onto tape–since digital tapes max out at 63 minutes–so they taped a computer hard drive to the camera and shot it straight to disk. When submitting letters to the editor, we require the following information to be submitted for verification purposes: The sheriff relays the terrible news that Jim has been killed in an automobile accident.


Full Cast and Crew. It’s not first person like The Blair Witch Project ; instead, we closely follow the characters’ every move. Andy breaks down and apologizes to his estranged father for the robbery, explaining Nanette’s death was an accident. Learn more More Like This. Sarah decides to lure the zombies into the storeroom and burn them with the cylinders. David AlfordRobert Archer Lynn. One Thursday, while waiting for Jim to return from an overnight business trip, Linda answers the doorbell to find the local sheriff squirming on her front step.

Retrieved April 9, The story is explained here in its chronological order, rather than as it is presented in the film. Reddick, who adapted the script from Romero’s original concept, has stated that this film does not have any connection to Zack Snyder ‘s remake of Dawn of the Dead although Ving Rhames had also appeared in that film, but as a different character.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The film was directed by Steve Miner and written by Jeffrey Reddick. Night of the Living Bread Poultrygeist: Views Read Edit View history.

Of the two brothers, Hank is well-meaning, but weak-willed and cowardly, easily dominated by his stronger-willed older brother, Andy, a ddeadbox schemer. Voice of Harvey Jenna Michele Lee While driving there Sarah crashes into her zombified mother and kills her before rescuing Trevor and Nina from the radio station. Andy in turn harbors great resentment that his younger and more attractive brother received more love and affection from his parents than he did during childhood.


The Attic Video The dewdbox articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb’s opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. I just caught this movie at the Calgary International Film Festival.

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A Hollywood director is taken prisoner while scouting a remote prison. Going downstairs expecting to find her mother, she is stunned once again. And take her next movie one day at a time.

They make a stop at the gun store while Bud stays in the vehicle. Sarah leads the zombies to the room where Trevor and Nina are hiding, and they torch the zombies. An angry man demands medical care for his child, revealing an outbreak has occurred. Archived from the original on Was this review helpful to you? Shortly after the botched robbery, Hank is confronted by Bobby’s brother-in-law Dex Michael Shannonwho demands financial compensation for Bobby’s death to provide for his sister, Chris Aleksa PalladinoBobby’s widow.

One thing Deadbox does boast is better than average acting for an independent feature.

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Andy argues that he cannot go himself because he has been in the neighborhood recently, and could therefore be recognized. Archived from the original on 29 December If you make it this far into Premonitionyour Gimme-a-Break Meter will probably be red-lined long before director Mennan Yapo drags deadbod over the shaggy-dog finish line.