Franz’s very good news catches Gideon off-guard, and Ronel tells Naomi a secret. Alexa tries to manipulate Gys into helping the group, while Sonja warns Vicky about Gys. Sonja shares her feelings with Pippa and Charnay decides to grab the bull by his horns – while she isn’t the only one who feels that harsh words might just do the trick. Only TVSA members can reply to this thread. Charnay reluctantly agrees to go on a blind date, and Gys and Vicky’s plans have terrible consequences. Coming up on Binneland in November, Sonja feels no Christmas cheer and At does nothing to help it along – especially when she tries to reconcile him and Malan. Bea is so shocked at the state of Jan’s flat that she refuses to let the children visit him.

Malan and Sonja have a heartfelt and honest discussion. Hi I enjoy Binnelander but liked it more when it has the lawyers included. Edit My Account Settings. At asks Coen to get any and all information he possibly can that At can use to ensure that the clinical trials will be happening. Gustav has bad news for Gideon. Conrad wants to get the police involved and Jan offers Bea an apology. Delia takes her father to see Dr Channing and Ilse gets the wrong idea about Quinton – while Bea isn’t happy with her mother’s plans with Gideon. Janneke has a stern warning for Gustav and Elise is worried about her mother and Irvin when she realizes that Sofia collected pills from the hospital.

It is Charnay’s first day at work and Rian decides against a business opportunity. It is set in and around the fictional private hospitalBinneland Kliniek, in Pretoriaand the storyline follows the trials, trauma and tribulations of binnelandere staff and patients of the hospital. Bea’s unsettled by Jan’s plans with the kids and a journalist seeks information on Nerina from Hestie.

Gideon tries to make things right with Charnay while Pippa is at wit’s end about Jennifer’s attendance of the engagement party. I am also happy Tertius isn’t Dead!!! Franz and Bea are at loggerheads over a certain party that needs to be organised, and Gideon tries to make peace with Charnay.

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Jennifer has to persuade a doctor to pose for a calendar. Delia gives Pippa and Malan their invites to the fundraiser, and Gys tries to conceal his concerns. Pippa is touched by Quinton’s concern for Daleen and Liebenberg realises that Gys is a valuable asset in the plan to catch Alexa. A traumatized Vicky hinnelanders only hope Gys survives, while Gustav has to come to Charnay’s rescue when her date doesn’t pitch up. A secretive Daleen calls a private investigator.


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Binnelanders Teasers The first, the original, the one and only: Programming shifted to the Pippa is overworked and realises something has to be done to make it better. Delia is confronted, and Gideon doesn’t want Ilse in the theatre again. Pippa and Malan have a real heart to heart. The more Nerina struggles to free herself from Jason’s grip, the tighter he pulls the strings.

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Coming up on Binneland this August, Delia is chuffed with the fundraiser, and At warns Gys to stay away binnelaners Vicky – but Vicky gives Gys an ulitmatum. Conrad gets bad news about his sister and the children’s reaction gets Bea down. Gustav feels bad because Pippa doesn’t share her sorrows with him, and Rian and Binnelanders get help.

Delia and Jan go out for drinks where each epiaodes to manipulate the other into giving out valuable information. Binnelajders has Gustav in her crosshairs, and Charnay is shocked in Gustav’s behaviour. Daleen doesn’t know what to do with Quinton – he wasn’t at home the whole weekend. Delia takes her father to see Dr Channing and Ilse gets the wrong idea about Quinton – while Bea isn’t happy with her mother’s plans with Gideon.

Sofia struggles to accept the truth about Irvin and Elise realises that her mom wants to remain silent. It was broadcast directly after Egoli on M-Net in the Conrad wants to get the police involved and Jan offers Bea an apology.

Jan tries to get into At’s good books but At is more worried about Delia. Franz is back and Malan gets is hurt badly. The feud between Busi and Elise reaches boiling point and Tertius has to intervene. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Daleen decides on a huge farewell party, while Ronel makes sure that Epiosdes knows that she will miss him.


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Nerina tells Malan that she needs money to finish her next album and Ilse and Bea are worried about the kids when they go epiosdes Jan. Jennifer realises that Charnay is having a ball of a time at Gustav’s and Sonja’s problems are not at an end. Should have made it 30 minutes of the hospital and 30 of the lawyers.

Sonja makes a decision regarding Delia and Delia decides to put her plan into action. Gustav feels self-conscious infront of Pippa and Elise, while Alexa and Gys are at loggerheads. Yvette realises that Rian wants to be a part of the research and Franz thinks that he and Bea should tell the kids 2021 their plans before they hear it somewhere else.

The legal angle of the series was dropped, and the show was reverted to a half-hour time slot. Delia tries to make things right with Malan, and Ronel becomes a point of focus. Franz and Bea have an uncomfortable conversation with the children.

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Charnay gets some good news, but Jennifer is sceptical and suspects At is behind it all. Delia makes an underhanded threat towards Elise.

Sonja is petrified when she realizes she’s being followed. Elise binnekanders that she’s jealous of Busi and Jan surprises Bea with a romantic dinner.

Bea and Franz have advice for Gideon and Malan wants to know from Delia why she didn’t tell him about At. Faye and Pippa are at loggerheads again, and Malan has news for At on Delia. Tineke is unhappy about Sonja not adhering to Theuns, while Pippa feels guilty about what she is doing to Elise. The storyline is still interesting.

Delia tries to support Malan. Jennifer finds out ibnnelanders Charnay is not in Gustav’s good books and Elise feels awkward about going away for the weekend with Franz and Bea. Only TVSA members can reply to binnelandeds thread.