Vivi — you gave me such a good giggle today when, tired of pushing paper, I looked at the Caray,Caray feed and read your observations about Isadora’s assets. Your just sitting there reading the paper minding your own business. It was old, low on battery power and pointing up at the sky when Lisa was rocked. After last night I wonder: Bill, you are so right, but I’d say it would be more of an Investigation Discovery Channel show. Luciana, Carito and Perla serve on the board. Would Cayetonto believe that?

It was in a Keepsake Box because that’s all it was for Juan, who claimed to have been in love with Lisa. There is much wailing and weeping at the BLA and David immediately starts an Internet Foundation to help abused women. Appreciate all the details. Secrets always spill, don’t they? Leon and Sonia were the love story in this thing, everyone else’s stories were about stubborn self-centeredness, masochism, emotional immaturity and undiagnosed intellectual impairment. Thank you, Mena, for the great recap and the good asides that captured my thoughts exactly! Up till now, everyone thought it was an accident.

But, as always, you didn’t let us down.

Diana is my fav now. Lulu’s Vineyard for Lovelorn Ladies.

Where is my mojito??? One child murders the other. KDR could almost play a part where she only uses her facial expressions and does not speak. When are you going to get that?

And if so would he be trusted to save it a la, say, the mighty Jorge Salinas?

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ITA with everything you said about her, so eloquently. At his age, he is still single, attractive and hardworking, a catch for any single gal. Not everyone needs a partner. So, perhaps Grace Smith is her name, but that name doesn’t sound realistic. Thanks so much Mena.


Like you, I also enjoy Diana Gabaldon quite a lot. If want to duct tape Gardenia’s mouth shut. If they ever have casual Fridays, I’m afraid they’d just eposode up in their underwear. Fernanda is the person I want to know, she’s one of the bad guys and deserves some type of punishment for holding the whole house hostage.

Great Part 1 Mena. Juan explains for her about the gun and how Barvio planned to shoot him but ended up killing Perla instead.

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Didn’t we speculate at one point what would have happened if David had been a regular, rational, smart guy and kicked out Grace and Lili early on? I have a friend who is a wardrobe designer in the movie industry who showed me the real stuff Mena – Great recap and snark.

So Omar is holding true to his dastardly behavior, too bad. Thank you for keeping Luciana away from Miguel and David. Kirby, yes, yes, thank you! Viewerville hopes that Little Rat has overplayed his hand and gets his aamor caught in the trap.

Since all the comments have dissected the comings, goings, stoppings, and noJuan’s interference, I’ll just say I enjoyed them all. Leo’s hatred of her grows daily. Your screenshot of DisGrace as she looks at her Mom without her mask for the first time was the best. And so onward we march toward the bitter end hoping that some of these folks will end up better Just shoot yourself for crimmidy. Sounds like estimates and future real costs, mostly I was bummed about your Alternate Beginnings have Susan getting whacked.


And that is it. Thank you, Mena, for a fabulous recap.

Never go to bed with people outside your marriage, either. Does Mayalen want to be a psychologist too? I thought it was “only” Adolfo’s money. But Kimberly Dos Ramos Things don’t look so good for Aggie. Luciana cries about David.

She tells him that everything she does for him, she does out of love and wants him to be happy with her. You were here for me when I lost Erica, like a true friend.

I wondered if her signature would even pass since she was in such a discombobulated tizzy trying to get them out of her little tan purse and get them signed. Who takes care of you?

I think a lot of the comment traffic can be due to our availability and — of course — weekend availability allows us to have a longer discussion after the Friday episode.

TNs are such a guilty pleasure for me!

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Take ALLL the time you want, no rush? I guess the writers don’t know that rule No problem, let’s go pick some grapes! You deserve to be with someone who feels the same way about you.